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Sharpen Your Business Skills for a More Secure Future delivers solutions to the top critical business issues facing business leaders. We have aligned our Boot Camps with the changing market climates of today’s business environment including the reality of downsizing and staff reductions. Whether you need to manage change, improve management skills, equip your staff with leadership skills or re-engineer your company - we have a Boot Camp to meet your needs.  Our Boot Camps boost accelerated learning by utilization of interactive business simulations, videotaping of participants, individual behavioral assessment and experiential learning.  Whatever you are facing, we can customize programs to meet your particular goals.
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Boot Camp Programs Listing

1)  Presentation Skills Boot Camp

Learn Speaking and Social Networking Skills to Grow Your Career
Our intensive Presentation Skills Boot Camp focuses on the art of successful business social behavior and shows you how to create meaningful interaction with your customers and your peers in the workplace.  Learn how to package yourself and make favorable first impressions and deliver powerful presentations.  This is one of our most popular business workshops with clients from many industries including insurance, real estate and engineering. The workshop covers material from nonverbal communication techniques to presentation speaking skills to developing a sure-fire defining statement (elevator speech) that is uniquely yours.  Participants engage in a mock networking lab (business social event) and their progress videotaped as they develop their own pitch.  Learn the behavioral style that is uniquely yours and how to adapt your behavior for better (...more)

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2)  Customer Service Skills Boot Camp

Learn to Sell Ideas, Concepts, Services and Products to Your Colleagues and Customers
Customer Service Skills Boot Camp was developed for companies helping employees connect effectively with their customers. This program is targeted to the organization that wants to improve their service process, keep current customers and recruit new customers.  Once you understand yourself and your customer – you can implement a service plan that meets their needs as well as the needs of your organization. Customer Service Boot Camp was designed to make your customer experience something they will return to experience.  Your prospects won’t decide about your products and services until they decide about you.  The first sale you need to win is you. Map companies’ service from the customer’s viewpoint and discover the moments of truth that define your customer service experience. Play the “Moments Of Truth Game” and re-define your customer service (...more)

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3)  Management Teambuilding Boot Camp

Learn How to be an Effective Manager and Align the Dynamics of Your Team
An interactive training program, Management Teambuilding Boot Camp is perfect for seasoned managers and new managers alike. This program is designed to elevate and improve the effectiveness of management skills, teamwork and communication. During this program, you will develop individual strategies on how to delegate, motivate and develop your staff and manage your time.  With video based learning, you will experience a series of internal conflicts where behavioral styles clash. And more importantly, you will then see the video series with the same conflicts with better outcomes based on different behavior. The Situational Leadership Game involves all participants, learning to beat the clock and rapidly recognizing the behavioral styles at work and then recommend outcomes that will benefit all parties. Learn how to manage-up as well as manage-down. Includes video-based learning where you can see behavioral styles working ineffectively and effectively together.  Because of the skills you will learn, you will have solutions to effectively manage change that occurs in every business (...more)

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4)  Interviewing Skills Boot Camp

Learn How to Develop Real-Life Interviewing Skills And Advance In Your Company
This “Crash Course” in successful interviewing will help you utilize your talents to their fullest and win the job in your own company. Did you know it takes about 7 seconds for a potential employer to evaluate you? Even before you say a word, decisions will be made about your confidence, competency, trustworthiness and credibility. In today’s world, the best skills training for any individual is networking skills development and gaining the ability to package and market yourself.  As you go through the intensive Interview-To-Win Boot Camp, you will experience real-life interviewing situations and interaction with other participants. We show you what to do and what not to do in an interview.  As participants play the “Interview-to-Win Hiring Game,” they are videotaped as they undergo mock “panel type” interviews.   If you know and understand the top 25 questions that you could be asked on an interview, then you can handle any objections smoothly.  (...more)

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5)  News Media Skills Training Boot Camp

Learn how to Prepare and Deliver An Effective News Story that The Media will Embrace
Protect your image and never underestimate the power of the media. News Media Training Boot Camp will prepare you to face the aggressive media with your best news story angle.  And of equal importance, you will learn how to manage their questions with professional responses.  Did you know that 93% of all communication is non-verbal? That means that 93% of opinions of your are formed before you say a word and only 7% of opinions are formed after you start speaking.  You begin by understanding yourself and your behavior and learn how to rapidly adapt to other styles without being nervous or uneasy. To get to that confidence level quickly, the basis of this Boot Camp is a highly interactive game – Playing the News Media Game for Keeps.   The game involves all participants, similar to Kangaroo Court environment – where participants develop and recite new stories from a podium and are rated by their peers. The activities are videotaped and each participant leaves with a videotaped news story that is theirs – start to finish.  This media training covers everything from creating a professional on-camera appearance to (...more)

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6-8)  Business Development Boot Camps

Makeover Your Sales, Marketing or Business Initiatives with Updated Plans, Visions and Strategies 

The term Business Development covers three different, yet interrelated, disciplines including Sales, Marketing and Business Planning. To meet the needs of our clients, we have developed 3 distinctively different Book Camps.  After an assessment of your company’s needs and understanding your goals, we will define the gaps and can see exactly what particular areas (...more)

6) Sales Training Boot Camp focuses on sales effectiveness, sales planning, motivation and the sales call.

7) Marketing Makeover Boot Camp works with your team to develop a 10-Step Marketing Plan with actionable
marketing objectives. Includes developing your brand and identifying roadblocks to your success.

8) Business Planning Boot Camp works with your management team to build a one-page business plan with
structure, vision, mission, and operational elements. Includes how to make decisions with the “decision matrix.”

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9)  Corporate Re-Engineering  Boot Camp

Learn to Overcome Business Downsizing and Staff Reductions

Is your company losing market share, declining in sales or experiencing employee layoffs?  And you might be uncertain exactly what to do next.  Quickly responding to market changes by altering key business strategies and processes is exactly what Corporate Re-Engineering Boot Camp brings to your table.  To successfully change your business course for a more secure future, companies engage experts to find solutions to their complex issues and develop the strategy on what to do next. Our experts will consult with you to build a leaner, profit-machine to make you competitive in the future. Initially, key executives discuss their unique issues and present data for detailed understanding of goals.  The process involves three logical steps: 

·         Strategic Visioning Workshop,

·         Building the Plan and Alignment of Strategy,

·         Implementation.

Since each company has unique issues, the pricing will vary depending on the outcome of the strategy. Our process is driven by a lead consultant from Experts That Speak who guides the process through each step and is the liaison between our client and any subject matter expert consultant who come into play during this process.  Each of our consultants are at the top of their field and offer proven processes and strategic solutions. To achieve the highest effectiveness at reasonable fees, we only utilize particular subject matter experts when our clients have a specific need – therefore you only pay for what you need when you need it.  If you are serious about positive change and re-energizing your company, then let us put together a custom (...more)

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